Saint Paul

Welcome to Fitness Dynamics Training Centre a partnership with Saint Paul University. Our focus is on building a program for the physical, mental and social well being of the Saint Paul’s community, as well as the general public. We are a place where people can take care of their fitness needs in a friendly and supportive environment. Regardless of one’s abilities and fitness level, we will make sure everyone is challenged and achieves their goals.

Class Descriptions

Yoga Fit Classes: 
Learn how to calm your mind and relax your body with easy-to-learn yoga postures and breathing exercises. Yoga is an excellent way to manage stress, improve strength, flexibility and concentration. All abilities are welcome; our skilled instructor will adapt postures and exercises based on your level.

High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) Fit Classes: 
This class will involve intense anaerobic exercise with regular recovery periods, using body-weight workouts for the most part. All fitness levels are welcome. Our supportive instructor will offer options to meet different ability demands.

Agility-Cardio (AC) Fit Classes: 
Get a taste of how high-performance athletes train; think of tough workouts such as AMRAPs (As Many Rounds As Possible) and EMOMs (Every Minute On the Minute). Our instructor will push you physically and mentally.

Run Class
This class will involve drills, to work on proper running technique and interval work-outs, designed to work on your cardio and your speed. Our supportive instructor will offer options to meet different ability demands. All fitness levels are welcome. This is an outdoor class, please make sure to dress appropriately, according to the weather.

Promo Time Period

Saint Paul Students (Sept 4th from 10:30 to 2:30)
We will have an information table at this time during the Saint Paul’s student orientation so that you can meet a few instructors, get your questions answered and purchase your 13-week plan.

Promo Week (Sept 9-13)
Before the 13-weeks of programming, we will be running an 8 class promo-week to give staff, students and the greater community the opportunity to experience our classes. See the schedule of the promo week.

Programming Schedule (Sept 16-Dec 13)

Fitness Dynamics Training Centre classes starts Monday, September 16th and goes until Friday, December 13th. View our 13-week schedule. Please note Saint Paul reserves the right to cancel the occasional class for conflicting bookings.

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The full schedule by week, including our promo time-period, is accessible on our Saint Paul Calendar page.


Located at: Saint Paul Gymnasium in the Laframboise Hall / Entrance : 233 Main street

Fee plans

These fee plans are for the 13-weeks class programming offered by the Fitness Dynamics Training Centre which starts Monday, September 16th and goes until Friday, December 13th, 2019. Please note that students and staff from Saint Paul must provide their ID number when registering for a plan in order to be eligible for the discounted price.

If you have difficulty registering online feel free to drop-by during the hours of our booth or classes during our promotion time period (Sept 3rd -13th) and we’ll be happy to guide you through the process.

Plans Price
Saint Paul Student $73.00*
Saint Paul Staff $99.00*
Greater Community $110.00*

*Tax/Transaction Fee Not Included

During the 13 week fitness program, members have access to unlimited classes. 

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